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 Post subject: Diffs / Open...Trac Lok
PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 6:00 pm 
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The Liberty comes with OPEN front and rear differentials from the factory unless you add the rear Trac-Lok LSD ( Limited Slip Differential ). The Trac-Lok is a clutch operated LSD that senses wheelspin and transmits "some" power to the wheel with traction. If one rear wheel has little ( on ice ) or no traction ( off the ground ), the Trac-Lok will not compensate and you will be stuck spinning your tire. You can "fool" the Trac-Lok by applying some parking brake ( 2-3 clicks up ) to get the wheel that has traction turning. This means that when 4WD is engaged, you will have one front and one rear tire turning...with Trac-Lok you can have three wheels turning.

As for true "lockers", there are a couple that L.O.S.T. members have tried with great results. The more inexpensive of the two is the PowerTrax No Slip for the rear 8.25" Corp. It is a "lunch box" style locker which means is slips into the stock carrier in one piece. You do not have to reset backlash on the R&P ( Ring and Pinion ). This makes installation fairly easy to perform at home with basic tools and skills. This locker will disengage when cornering if you let off the power ( gas pedal ) to allow the rear wheels to spin at different rates. As you apply power, the unit locks and makes both rear wheels turn at the same speed no matter what the conditions. This will increase the Off Road ability of your KJ. On Road, the PowerTrax No Slip is almost invisible when driving. The unit does click sometimes when starting from a stop and making a hard turn right or left. It also makes that sound when backing out of parking spaces. You will get so used to the occasional "click" that in a couple of weeks, it will go unnoticed. Make sure if you order this unit, you let the vendor know if you currently have an OPEN or LSD rear diff. in your KJ ( they have different carriers ) so you will get the correct model. In wet/snow/ice conditions, a rear locker "can" cause your rear end to "fishtail".

ARB makes a "selectable locker" for the front ( RD100 ) and rear ( version that accepts the toner gear-make sure you get the one with the machined piece for the toner ring ) of the KJ. This system allows the operator to engage or disengage the lockers at will. You can be completely OPEN or LOCKED with the press of a button. The ARB is a much bigger project to install and the price tag is much higher. You will have to install the ARB locker, run air lines and install an air supply ( an air pump that is usually mounted somewhere under the hood ). You will also need to install a cab mounted switch so you can toggle between OPEN and LOCKED for each locker. The big advantage is that an OPEN diff makes turning easier and a LOCKED diff makes off road obstacles easier. The ARB allows you the advantage of both. If you have ARBs front and rear you have four possible combinations to pick from depending on the situation. OPEN/OPEN...LOCKED/LOCKED...OPEN/LOCKED...LOCKED/OPEN

The rear diff. in the 4x4 KJs is the Corp. 8.25" with 29 splines. The front diff is a D30a ( aluminum housing ) with 27 splines ( same as a TJ ). This means that other rear lockers are definitely available for the rear of the KJ. The front D30a probably has some other applications based on the commonality of the TJs D30. The Detroit Trutrac is a nice unit IMHO ( gear driven limited slip with different torque ratios available...part #912A314 ). Check the Tech Section for the details on this ...there will be an installation guide and operating Detroit TrueTrac impressions review. There is also a LSD available for the rear made by Auburn with a cone type clutch arrangement. It operates much more positively than the stock Trac-Lok and is available for the Corp 8.25" 29 Spline rear end...part # 542074. There is another write up in the Tech Article Section. With a Detroit TrueTrac up front and the Auburn in the rear, you would have a very capable 4WD setup for some serious offroad trails.

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 Post subject: Re: Diffs / Open...Trac Lok
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:16 am 
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Well, now I get to know about the differences of Trac Lok, which means if someone wanted to play the latest version first he has to purchase it. Well the amount is not that much high so maybe I will but it in the next month. I must visit blog to explore about.

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