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 Post subject: Rampart Range Road
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:18 pm 
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Okay so I'm planning another wheelin excursion when all of my peoples get back. So me and the guy who usually goes with me decide we're going to go on a scouting mission to first find the End of Rampart Range Road that ends in The Garden of the Gods (GOTGs). Because the last time we tried to tackle Rampart and find trails we ended up going way up around Woodland Park. Remember none of us are from this area so we're learning where to go.
So I pack my kids up in the car and we set off to go and get "That Guy" or "Este Hombre". So we pick him up and we set off. Well EH and I are having a good conversation and we get to GOTGs and we go in the back way off of 24. So we find Rampart Range Road. The beginning of it out of GOTGs starts easy. We're following a minivan up through it. We're laughing and joking and the kids are enjoying me playing in the drifts. All of a sudden the minivan stops and turns around. I really wasn't' paying attention bit clearly the van is having troubles. The driver asks me how to get out of there. I told him he had to go all the way back. So he does. Me EH and the kids keep going. We're really just wanting to start scouting for side trails to go up next time. We have a book and it tells us that Trial FR 30 or 33 is about five miles in. So we're at least trying to get there.
The Mini van turns around about 3/4 of a mile in. about about 1 1/2 miles in it starts getting deeper. Okay we're still going in no problem. At about mile 2 we find a switchback curve but there's a small place to climb right before it. Ofcourse we're going to try the hard way. :seuss: Who do you think I am? This libby is not going to be just mall rated. So up the harder spot we go. We got up it and kept going. About mile three it's starting to get pretty deep now. I'm like wow not much traffic this high up. I'm still busting through the drifts. I stop to Use the first tree I come to and the snow at this point is up to my knee. That's about three feet. So I'm back out on the trail and moving along. We're just trying to get to that first trail head. The out of no where we turn a curve and we had to be almost to the first trail. We're about 4 2/3 miles in. We hit a snow drift and it slams us into the side of the mountain. I keep trying to get back to the trial that was cut previously but no joy! And we were just talking about maybe might wanting to turn around. And Blamoh we're stuck. So here we are out in the middle of no where and we're stuck on a drift no traffic coming either way to pull us and I have to kids in the car.
I'm like yeah not a good position.
So I pull out the cumealong and and try to get us out with that a a nylon strap. The strap just starts to strecth and nothing happens. So I see that my wheels are turned. So I get back in and straighten it out and inch by inch get my self unstuck. It was funnnnnnnnn
So if anyone wants to take a snow drive grab a buddy and hit Rampart Range Road. I give it a Thumbs up this weekend. Just make sure you take a buddy with you. Especially if you're stock like myself. But I suggest goooooooooo Playyyyyyy!

I drive a Jeep Liberty.....I'm not compensating for nothing!!!!!!!

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