Cold Temps in SO , and the CRD
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Author:  mecne [ Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Cold Temps in SO , and the CRD

Ok so this morning was my first experience with the cold and my CRD .
-10 when I went out , it was parked at the end of the driveway in the wind as I was putting a Coolant heater in a Jetta TDI so I needed in and out of the garage.

The glow plug light glowed for a bit then went out . It rolled and rolled but didn't catch.
I turned the key back , then on a gain and the glow plug light didn't light up again?

On the VW you can cycle the key a few times and it heats the plugs up that little extra.

I'll be plugging int he block heater from now on , but am wondering if I should get an oil pan heater as well?
Run them in tandem on the same timer .


Author:  wjkrostek [ Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cold Temps in SO , and the CRD

I'm interested in what you ended up doing. I don't think the oil pan heater will help you get it started but it will thin out the oil so you get better flow when she starts. I run 0w-30 in my diesel tractors that I need to start in winter.

Author:  WhitbyKJ [ Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cold Temps in SO , and the CRD

HOly ShAT!

your an Oshawa boy?

dude I am like 5 minutes away. we need to hook up! like now.

Author:  TJ_HOOKER [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cold Temps in SO , and the CRD

I'd love to know what you did the last 2 weeks then..... LOL I was freezing. I'm rocking' cardboard on the grill like it was 1980 all over again.

Oil pan heaters are generally magnetic are they not? if so, you're gonna have a tough time with that as our pans are aluminium.

I plug my block heater in religiously, but when it hit -27c last week my CRD was really growly-pants about starting and took a couple tries. I'd like to check the current on that 120v circuit with my amprobe to see if the heater is actually working or not. I have heard that there is a certain year and make of minivan that had a 120v coolant pump that you plugged in like a block heater. I'm gonna research that more to see about running those 2 in tandem on one plug. makes way more sense to have a circ pump as well as a heating element rather than rely on convection alone, but i'm in commercial construction not automotive by trade so I could very well be talking out of me arse. :)

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