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 Post subject: 2006 Liberty CRD no power in any gear
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2022 10:00 am 
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I posted in another forum and have not gotten a response, but below is a post from 2012 that is the exact same symptoms I am having. There was no follow up or documentation of a solution. If anyone has experienced the same issue please let me know what you found.

It seem that my transmission completely disengaged ( for lack of any other way to describe the phenomena) while I was driving on my way to work yesterday morning on the freeway. It didn't come out of gear, per say, it just all of a sudden ceased transferring power from the engine to the wheels (BTW- I drive full time with the transfer case in full time 4 wheel drive). I coasted to the offramp of the freeway and pulled off to the shoulder. I put the transmission into 'PARK' and that worked. I checked the transfer case by first positioning it into 'NEUTRAL' which caused the jeep to roll forward predictably. Then I positioned the transfer case into each position from '2WD' all the way to '4WD Lo'. Each time in each position, the transfer case engaged as it should have normally. Now when I tried all of the transmission positions ('R' 'D' '2' and '1'), the vehicle wouldn't move forward and acted as if it were in 'N'-Neutral and the engine would just rev up as I applied the throttle. I think I hear a high pitched but subtle whirring whining sound as I rev the engine. The engine seem to run normally. I checked the transmission fluid and it is at the correct level and didn't have any abnormal smell, look or consistency. I can't think of anything else and from the looks of it, it sound like I have a major transmission problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that I've been told that in some newer transmissions, plastic bands are used instead of gears. Did I break a band? Ok, I'm ready for any and all input and advice from my fellow 'Jeep Forum' peeps."

Did anyone ever confirm that this was a torque converter failure? I have the exact same symptoms. Driving down the highway and it suddenly acted like it was in neutral. Coasted to the side of the road and park works. It feels like it is shifting through all of the gears and between 4w and 2w but no power applied to the wheels at all. Oil level fine. had a TCM code p0868 low oil pressure, cleared it and it would not come back. Still no power in any gear. I pulled the transmission. Oil and everything looks perfect. No leaks, the TC looks fine from what I can see on the outside, no issues with the transmission input or output shafts.

I am at a crossroads. the 2006 CRD has 179k on it. The TC was replaced at 120K. Do I tear apart the transmission and rebuild? Do I just replace the TC and put everything back in? Could this be how a oil pump fails even though the code did not return when I tried shifting through the gears with no power to the wheels? Could it be something else like a bad solenoid even though I don't get any codes? Any help would be appreciated if someone has had a similar situation. This old thread was about the only google result that was exactly the same symptoms of my driveline issue. It would be good to document the solution for this kind of failure.

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