Exhaust ideas
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Author:  ncjeep [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Exhaust ideas

Has anyone thought about either getting rid of the 2 mini cats and extending the o2 sensor wiring to rig them 2 in front of the full size cat and 2 behind or keeping the 2 mini cats and getting rid of the full size cat to go true dual? i have been running this in my head and i think i have figured out a way to do the 2nd but the 1st i'm running into problems in my head. just wondering if anyone has tried it? what i am thinking is if you get rid of the full size cat and relocate the mini cats slightly there would be room for custom mid length headers and might be able to run straight or the way i am thinking about is run X or H pipes. With the removal of the full cat and running duals out we should have room if me keep same size exhaust pipes or in my thinking to keep enough back pressure we can slightly shrink down the exhaust pipes since now we are running 2 instead of 1 then 2 mufflers. just ideas i am toying with.... jump in with anything. i know if you have emissions tests this will create a problem but for us non emission guys this might be the way to go.

its amazing how fast your brain works and what you can think off when you have been out of chew for half a day :dizzy: its ok though i just picked up some Grizzly :lol:

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