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 Post subject: 06 CRD Engine Blew, 2yrs later..Trying to figure out options
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:55 pm 
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I am very sorry to say that after almost a year of driving and loving my CRD, it blew up late one fall night - im ashamed to say 2 years ago.

I was driving home from auto tech class cruising along up a slight hill at around 30-35mph when there was a loud bang and I saw sparks out my side view mirror.

I towed it to my street, as I didn't have available off street parking where it sat as I did my best to try and figure out what the heck happened.
Conveniently, the inspection expired a few days after I had to park up the CRD, and although there were no parking restrictions, suddenly I began getting tickets for the inspection not only on my CRD, but on my 91 dodge ramcharger which i was parking there for months with expired inspection and no issues... (neighbors complained, Long Island NY...)

Apparently in my town there is a law that if you don't remove tickets from your vehicles in 48 hrs they can be impounded. I had taken tickets off as soon as id get them but kept being told by my girlfriend at the time who lived up the street that she saw tickets on my cars in the morning, but when id go after work there weren't any. Until one day at the beginning of a blizzard when I was off of work I went to my block to find both of my cars gone. After doing a check online I found I had 17 tickets written over the last month totaling $3k and a very nasty and disliked older lady who lived on the block would walk past with her 3 dogs and take them off in the afternoon and put them back when i was gone for work... this came to light after the town impounded my CRD and my Ramcharger.

I settled up the tickets and got them to knock them down to $5 each, but still had to decide where to move my cars to. Both sat in the impound lot at $2 a day for almost a year and a half, until I found out when the auction would be. I cared about getting the CRD running and getting it back and bid on it for almost $1,300. Crazy, I know. I also bought back my lifted Ramcharger, my true baby which is a real ongoing project for $750.

So, that was start of this summer. I though id be able to find a garage space somewhere where I could begin to take things apart and figure out what may have went wrong. I am ashamed to say, I am a former toyota tech, actually began working right before the jeep was impounded... i began buying tools and gaining experience, and now have been working as a C level Cadillac/buick GMC tech for a year and a half and although i have tools, I still don't have enough knowledge to dissect an engine, especially the CRD with very limited information, and only an outdoor parking space in front of my condo where I have to be very careful not to be seen "working on cars" as I learned the hard way a couple years ago doing the weeks stage 1 and 2 EGR delete much to one nasty neighbors dismay, of course although i never made any noise or mess.

Here I am, upset with myself for not having the knowledge to figure out what my CRD needs to ever run again. It isn't perfect- after getting it out from impound I found out workers at the lot wanted my CRD, really bad. I was in a bidding war with one. They damaged it to make it look bad for potential bidders. My CRD had a dent in the front passenger rocker area and I removed the fender... other than that it was mint. When I got it back, they slashed a tire, forced a window off the track, stole my trailer hitch and even brand new tires i had in it were switched with bald rotten slicks ... some water got in but no mold or much damage luckily. I checked the engine bay and nothing was tampered with amazingly.

It hurts after all ive done to try and resurrect it but I really cant see leaving it to sit another winter and want to free up my parking space.. I am pretty sure its the only CRD on Long Island, but I am wondering if there might be anyone close by who might know after taking a quick look to what extent the damage is, if its worth fixing considering the overall condition.

Also, if anyone on here may be looking for a donor CRD.. I hate to think of it but I really want to make sure I do everything I can to try and save it, but if not the transmission, transfer case, drive line axles im sure could be of use to someone else s project... its top of the line, leather seats in pretty nice shape and sunroof, dark grey/graphite in color. I may also consider parting out whatever I can besides the transmission and transfer case and am wondering if anyone on here has ever done so themselves? I see parts on eBay arent cheap... I actually bought my CRD on eBay for $6500 and drove down to washington DC to pick up the title, registered it and went right back on new years eve 2016 to pick it up... now I really am going to regret it but am thinking maybe I should just put it up for auction on eBay "as is", for parts.

Anyway, i don't mean to ramble on here, but am wondering if anyone has any input, suggestions, best case/worst case scenario... or if anyone is nearby and may be willing to take a look if I make it worth the time?

What Ive done to the CRD:

Weeks stage 1 and 2 egr delete
new front driveshaft
updated fuel head
new fuel bridge
brakes all around less than 1k before failure
thermostat - *not done by me and may have led up to the failure (i had my mechanic at the time replace t-stat, he topped off with green coolant when I had the orange.. i wanted to replace with zercon so i did 2 drain and fills with distilled water, driving about 20 miles at most between draining... the night it failed it was driven for approx 15 miles on mostly distilled water, in class that night i was going to hook up the coolant machine but we didn't have time so i was planning to drain final time when I got home that night and had a gallon of zercon ready to go in... i think i blew it up running on mostly water, stupid i know :(

i remember it cranked after, oil was allover the underside however. I saw sparks but couldn't find any debris in the road.

I am not sure if the timing belt was ever done... it had around 150k miles at failure from what i recall

Any advice is appreciated!


 Post subject: Re: 06 CRD Engine Blew, 2yrs later..Trying to figure out opt
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:02 pm 
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Mods: im sorry but i realize i posted this in member introductions. I was unsure how to move it to General Discussion, so I reposted it there but dont see any option to delete this post. If you can do so thank you, my mistake.

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