The CRD drive line noise thread
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Author:  Dirus [ Mon May 22, 2017 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

Play on inner CV connection in my CRD

Is this normal? I found this vid of exactly what my jeep is doing


Author:  APC9199 [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

So, Ive been busy busy busy replacing parts on my 06 CRD. Heres the list of things I've done so far.

Replaced all 4 wheel bearings and rear seals.
Replaced both front CV half shafts.
Replaced the front intermediate shaft.
Replaced front lower ball joints.
Replaced front upper a-arms and ball joints.
Replaced entire suspension with a Frankenlift II.
Replaced front sway bar end-links and mount-bushings.
Replaced front lower control arm bushings and clevis bushing.
*catches breath*
Replaced rear lower control arm bushings to frame and axle.
Replaced rear upper control arm bushings to frame.
Replaced rear upper control arm ball joint.
Replaced differential fluids front and rear.
Had an alignment done!

So, I started with a CRD that was borderline dangerous to drive on the highway. It would sway from side to side and body-roll horribly around corners. It felt like riding on jello if you shimmied the steering wheel back and forth. It also made clunks and banging noises over small bumps, large bumps, sharp turns, etc. I had a shop do the lift kit and rear upper control arm stuff since I didn't have the time to do it myself in my garage. After tightening one of the front upper control arm bolts, one of the rear sway bar bolts, both front end-link bolts and after having the shop replace one of the rear upper control arm mounting bolts that FELL OUT WHILE GOING 80 ON THE HIGHWAY, I decided to quit taking it to shops for any work. But, after all that, I am clunk free and the steering and ride feel much tighter. I still wish I could get the body roll in corners a little better, but it is good for now.

So, the only thing that is still driving me nuts is the noise that I have posted about here before. When making a hard right hand turn (think traffic-circle or freeway exit ramp), or a long continuous right hand turn at high speed I get a "tire noise" kind of sound. It is a very distinct tire-knob or gear-tooth kind of sound coming from the rear, more so the left side or center, not the right. It only makes noise for approximately half of each revolution of the wheel and is in time with the wheel speed. I noticed something new about it recently. The noise only seems to persist if you're coasting. As soon as I give it a little gas the noise goes away. It took a long time to realize this because I am usually coasting when taking hard right turns. This behavior reinforces my previous thought that it must be differential related, right? Tire noise wouldn't change with a slight touch of the gas pedal if the body remained in the same position, right? I changed the rear diff fluid about 10k miles ago and didn't think to look at the bearings while I was in there, so I might take the cover back off if you guys think it is worth checking. I have also considered doing the outer wheel bearing again just in case I got a bad one from the factory (Timken?!). I'm doubtful of that because the noise didn't change at all when I replaced the rear bearings. I find it hard to believe that two bad bearings would make the same exact sound with the mileage difference and all.

Anyone have any ideas where I should go next?

Also, regarding the video that Dirus posted above me. I have the same thing on my Jeep. Do I need to investigate that as well?

Author:  APC9199 [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

I started another post in the main forum to draw attention to this. I'm just posting the best reply's so the information is available here in the future.

flash7210 wrote:
APC9199 wrote:
Can anyone comment on the video that Dirus posted in the Driveline Noise Thread sticky?

Regarding that video...
No, the CV axle should not be wobbling where it goes into the diff.
That wobble indicates that the bearings inside the diff are worn out.
In fact, that could be the source of the "whine" noise you are hearing.
If the carrier bearings are worn, that could cause the ring gear to move out of alignment creating a distinct gear whine sound.

You will have to remove the entire front diff assembly to open the cover and inspect.
I suspect that what you find will not be pretty.

WWDiesel wrote:
APC9199 wrote:
Fantastic! I was going to pull the front cover last weekend but didn't realize how much more work it was than the rear, and didn't have the time so I just swapped the fluid.

I assume I'm looking at bad bearings, best case scenario and a new gearset, worst case?

If you have ran long enough with bad carrier bearings, it may have worn gear set to the point it may have to be replaced as well. :roll:
If you rebuild it, replace ALL bearings in differential and gear set if teeth are worn. Could get rather expensive!

Another option: Purchase a good whole assembly from a reputable recycler like LKQ and replace the whole unit?


Thanks for the answers guys!

Author:  Sir Sam [ Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

flman wrote:
Topan wrote:
i try to fix the noise i have since weeks now.
Noise is a distinct clonk-clonk at deceleration, constant and acceleration.
This is getting so big that now there are vibrations (clonk-clonk) in the steering wheel and the floor panel ..... :shock:
It is proportional to speed.
I have replaced:
-Wheels hubs (by Crowns)
-2x Front CV axle (with a cheap brand from the east)

Next steps: (to be done hopefully tonight)
-front disks to be replaced
-switch front / rear wheels

-Should I replace the front shaft ?( i have a new one in my garage )
-should I replace the 2x front CV axles with some good brand (JBAl)

Thanks !

Had the clunk clunk going on, it ended up being the top bolt on the motor mount came loose.

Found out I had this same issue, top nut on the pass motor mount was loose. The clunk or POP was noticeable in the jeep, and could be felt through the floor, outside the jeep you could hear it too - though it was easier inside without engine noise or road noise obscuring it.

It would make a clunk when going over certain bumps. Would make a clunk when accelerating in the correct amount of torque when the front end would pop up. It would clunk at low speeds with a sharp left/right jerk of the steering wheel. Checked and torqued all sorts of suspension parts, but I got about more more rotation of the nut on the passenger side motor mount.

This jeep had the engine replaced so I had to torque the bolts on the mount down when I did it, turns out the passenger side could have used a little more.

Author:  mrhemi [ Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

Found two issues with my 06 while chasing the drive line noise. Rear driveshaft U joints for one, especially the rear. However, I got into a jam when I started the task, as I discovered that some dumb booty had welded a washer into the rear flange to retain the U joint cup. Probably because they broke the snap ring groove during a previous repair. Maddening but not surprising, it was a dealer that did it. I have the service invoice from the original owner. Mad at myself for not noticing it one of the half dozen times I looked at all the drive line from below. Must have stopped at the top position every time. Held up my repair for a few days waiting for the new one.
Front driveshaft CV joint was the second offender. I purchased replacement CV joints with some (lots) of skepticism, being they were of Asian origin. The rear was the problem child, so replaced it only as the OEM front was still in good shape. The replacement was lubed and installed properly, then the whole shaft reinstalled and torqued to spec. Test drive was about 5 miles, possibly a little less noise, but hard to tell. About a mile from my shop, placed it in Full Time (AWD) to put some load on the CV joint. That didn't last to long before a drive line shudder developed. Placed it back in two wheel, returned home and up on the lift to see if I had inadvertently left something loose. Not me, the new POS Chinese CV had welded itself together. It got so hot that the shaft splines exceeded 600-700deg. (blue). So now I am looking for a new driveshaft as well. I have read on the forum that members have utilized these replacement CV joints, but what brand are they using? This was a Dorman, so no more of their crap.

Author:  GordnadoCRD [ Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

Cannot recommend Detroit Axle
Joint it's self didn't fail, as I, just by coincidence, lifted the vehicle to re tighten the exhaust clamps. When up, I realized that in under 110 miles, the brand new transfer case end CVJ grease boot had disintegrated and permanently lubed the transfer case shift linkage. (and rear cross-member, adjacent frame, and very messily undercoated the area).

Author:  LIBERTYinLIBERTY [ Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

Bought a 2006 donor libby 3.7 with 138000 miles, dropped the complete rear axle and put it in my 2006 CRD.... No drive line noise on the test drive. Crossing my fingers. When I took the inspection cover off to change the grease and the gears showed very little sign of wear.

Author:  ROKTAXI [ Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

ROKTAXI wrote:
Bumping my post from a different section of LOST, as well as from GDE forum.

On Jan. 10, 2017 I took the Jeep to a long-time, reputable TC builder (Accerated Torque Converters) here in Grand Junction CO. He drove the Jeep and was pretty sure it wasn't the TC or the transmission making the vibration / droning noise. He suggested I take it to a driveline specialist which I did and he noted excessive lateral movement in the RF CV axle. Turns out that the replacement of that shaft I did a few months ago was not the correct part as it was for a gasser. They installed a new (correct) one along with a new inner axle shaft. Still no change in the vibration issue. They have no clue at this point of what to do.

NOTE: Yes, each drive shaft was removed to verify that it wasn't coming from being unbalanced.

Is it possible that the turbo would behave this way? I've run out of possibilities. VERY frustrating!! -

This was my post from a while back.

I happened to come across info regarding the exact vibration issue but it was on a lifted XJ. Hmmmm ......... could this be related to my vibration issue?? After much conversation with the XJ people, I decided to try the (cheap) fix-it remedy for the XJ ... which is dropping the transfer case down an inch. Oh and I did forget to mention on my previous post that my KJ has the ~2" OME lift kit. Anyway, dropped the TC down and BINGO! No more vibration at the offending speeds.

Although this is just a band-aide, I plan on doing the double-cardan U-joints with a hack 'n tap slip yoke eliminator kit (for the 27 spline output shaft). I'm also going to explore the feasibility of clocking the rear diff to reduce the driveline angle. However, it think that's pretty iffy from what it looks like.

edit: I forgot to mention that getting the 2 longer bolts was not an easy find. Had to be ordered as not even specialty bolt companies didn't have them in stock. Caterpillar ordered them for me but were only $2.xx each.

Author:  RCS [ Tue May 29, 2018 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CRD drive line noise thread

I had a strange vibration that started at exactly 71 MPH. It also felt like I was getting kicked in the rear every time I got on or off the gas (diesel). Someone recommended I replace the upper rear control arm. I had checked the U joints. They were old but did not seem bad. I went ahead and replaced the control arm and both U joints. All gone. It is now smooth at all speeds and no more clunking sounds.

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