Wax on Gray Plastic Pieces on Liberty Sport
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Author:  Jeepjeepster [ Sun May 03, 2009 5:44 pm ]
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scubasteve79 wrote:
not many ppl checking in this topic any more... but i am in fact still using Turtle wax ice... most of their line. i just picked up their claybar kit yesterday

Cool stuff.. Guy from Meguiars always says use what makes you happy! :)

Author:  touro1979 [ Tue May 19, 2009 10:20 pm ]
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I use armor all to get wax off my grey fenders and bumper. Takes it right off. Just wet a sponge, wring it out and spray a bunch of armor all and wipe down all your plastic. Makes it look new and takes off all that wax.

Author:  JeepinJarhead03 [ Tue May 19, 2009 10:36 pm ]
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i'm sold on the ice, i have nerve problems in my hands/arms, i can't massage the old school stuff anymore like i used to

i agree, the tw ice doesn't seem to last long with a single coat

however i have noticed that about 4 coats of it, which comes out about as much work as a single old school coat, lasts through quite a bit of punishment

the spray detailer isn't bad for helping get off the last bits of residue or the dusty stuff from the buffing

just out of curiosity i sprayed the back of my lightbar with it and it really darkened the black plastic very nicely

when i did my LOST light covers, i put 6 coats of clear coat on them and after it dried i put about 10 coats of wax on it and have since pelted them with rocks, sand, mud, and a crap ton of bugs and all it takes to clean them off is a microfiber wash mitt and some soap, wax is still holding strong

now if i could only manage to get my entire jeep waxed, so far the front fenders, bumper and hood have gotten it but the doors and back gate haven't been touched yet :(

Author:  devlish [ Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wax on Gray Plastic Pieces on Liberty Sport

Just cleaned my plastic trim pieces... some Dawn dish soap in a little tray, with a few drop of water to thin it out... seems to be working WONDERFULLY!!! scrubbing with a tooth brush, then wiping off with a damp rag. once dry, no more wax!! very easy as well. Some areas i had to scrub twice, but it came off.

thought i'd mention this as an idea for others to try too.

keep in mind... Dawn dish soap is well known to be a wax/grease remover, so no wonder it works very well. just be careful to not get TOO much on your freshly waxed vehicle, i found doing small areas at a time, with the rag handy, it went very quickly to do almost every piece of plastic. The areas where a few drips made it to the paint, i wiped up quickly, and those areas are still nice and shiny... no wax gone from there since it wasn't scrubbed

Author:  SLS [ Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:15 pm ]
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Albert wrote:
"Mothers Back to Black" will work. It's not just for black. You can go to Autozone or Wallymart and read the label. Check it out.
I agree :!:
I have been using that Mothers Back-to-Black to stop and reverse the oxidation. I found it on the AMSOIL site so I tried it. Works great on my Jeep Liberty Limited. 8)

Author:  Winkster [ Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wax on Plastic

I detailed cars in a body shop when I was 16. That was in the 1970's. People got wax on plastic all the time. We decided to figure out the best way to remove it. The guy that owned the place had a degree in chemistry. He had a good idea of what would break down waxes. We tried "WaxOff" the stuff we used to prep for painting, but that took too much time. Next we tried straight ammonia on a rag and tooth brush, which worked but was nasty. Then we tried Windex and a tooth brush and it was perfect. I still use it today, works GREAT, but ammonia breaks down plastic over time, so if you use it, you want to wash it off. Silicone had just come out, was VERY expensive. We used it in the detail shop on exterior plastic trim. We used Tire Black on tires. Inside we used Armor All.

I still use Windex, but have added Magic Eraser to the arsenal of weapons and NEVER use Armor All. Magic Eraser is amazing. I get it at Medicine shop for $1. It works GREAT on a lot of things. Moist, on the inside of windows to get the film off, followed by Windex is #1 on my list

On the outside of glass windows I use 0000 steel wool, being careful around the edges followed by RainX and a lot of polishing.

Tires and trim? There is only one product, Cover All. The stuff is amazing PLUS it does an amazing job keeping bugs away.
You can spray it on thick and leave it, or wipe it off.

Interior surface protector? That's tough. You don't want something that is going to evaporate and film up your windows, but still give a shine and not feel sticky or oily.
I've tried a lot of them and the one that worked best, Nu Vinyl, is hard to find.
What I'm using now is Meguiar’s G13616SP Quik Interior Detailer/Cleaner. It's not bad, but there has to be something better.
I still clean first with a 409 type product on a sponge followed by a sponge rinsed in water frequently, then dried with a clean microfiber cloth.

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